State of Mind

My final project in the Visual Communications Department of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. State of Mind is an interactive platform that creates an environment of cultural contexts, which accompany a listening experience. Basing off the premise that classical music sometimes requires more effort and introduction, a different state of mind for really listening and taking in the music, I've experimented with the juxtaposition of visual imagery with the music as an enhanced, more absorbing and immersing experience. 3 pieces are presented here, along with visual spaces that were curated around each piece. Navigation is independent and non linear, and so depends on the viewer/listener's own preference and interest. The visuals widely range from plastic arts to photography, film, arts and documentaries, and were curated by inspiration of each piece. The spaces created with the connection between the visuals and music creates a space for an immersive experience of concentration, inspiration, and contemplation, providing many possibilities for interpretation and reflection on both the visuals, the music and the connections between them all.