I have my own rules for beauty - meira shemesh, 1962-1996

A catalogue for the late artist Meira Shemesh, designed as part of a Book Design course at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

What struck me upon seeing the material for this catalogue for the first time, was the vast difference between the texts and the artist's works; One text was a personal introduction to her life and work, one was an analysis of her work in light of the contemporary art scene in Israel, an interview with the artist, through which we can sense something of her vivacious character, a description of encounters between the artist and her friend, and of course - the work itself, in its soft yet painful luminance. So many different versions of talking about "her" and still none of them seem to capture a full image. I've decided to confront these materials with one another, dividing the various texts into parts the correspond with each other and the images like actors on a stage - some compositions require full presence and some are "solo acts".
This results in a book can be read in many different ways, either linear or non-linear.